Hey there!

Dinesh Pandian

I'm a UI/UX Designer and Developer based in India. I have an obsession with making things pixel perfect.

About Me

I have a Computer Science degree from Madurai, even though I never really wanted to get in to Computer Science. But I ended up here, since it was cool at that time. I then enjoyed the simplicity of C, making the computer do things that I wrote is pretty awesome.

When I completed Engineering, I actually didn't know what to do. It was thanks to a couple of my friends who told me about Web Designing, the likes of HTML/CSS/JS. The thing is, I never liked HTML either, I used to fail in college. :p I am actually not good at drawing either, but I loved seeing beautiful designs and felt that was the most important thing, since that's what the user first sees. I have horrible handwriting too, but I love admiring great typography.

My first job was a Web Developer at Tekexplore. I worked there for about one and a half years where I got really deep into HTML, CSS, JQuery and JavaScript. This is when I realized I love creating my own designs.

After I worked at Skcript, as the Design Lead. I do Product Design, Wire-framing, Logo Design, UI/UX Design and Development. You'll see my work in Shrink, Evolvr, Allt and UnderstandBetter.

After I worked at Trusfi, as the UX/UI Designer and Developer. I do Wire-framing, Product Design and front-end-development. You'll see my work in Trusfi.

Expert In


I put myself in the shoes of users, and try to create an experience that actually solves problems.

Responsive Web Design

I believe design should be ubiquitous, design should mold itself to fit in everywhere, magically.

Project Design

Showcasing all the hardwork of backend engineers in a beautiful and functional way.

HTML, SCSS & Javascript

The most versatile tools in any designers workshops. I try to nail pixel perfect-ness with these.


By far my most favorite prototyping tool. I create logos, UI mockups and vector images.


I create UI designs, UI mockups Via this tool.


I create vector images via this tool.